491 illegal immigrants caught in Coahuila, most of them Haitians


In a joint work between the three levels of Government in the health and security filters in the territory of Coahuila, this morning 33 buses were reported transporting a total of 491 migrant passengers who have not been able to prove their stay in Mexico. The vehicles identified from the Futura and Frontera lines were not allowed to continue their journey through the state territory.

Coahuila, Mexico

The foregoing, taking into account the agreements made at the meeting held on this issue between the Secretary of the Government of Coahuila, Fernando de las Fuentes Hernández; the Secretary of State Security, Sonia Villarreal Pérez; Segismundo Doguin, from the National Migration Institute, and Ken Salazar, United States Ambassador to Mexico.

The authorities indicated that of the total number of people found, 90% are of Haitian origin, while 20 people are of Cuban origin and the rest are from Honduras and El Salvador.

The security filters assisted by the National Institute of Migration were implemented by the Federation, the State, and the Municipalities in order to review the medical conditions of the travelers, their legal status in the Mexican territory, which resulted in the return of the reported units.

The authorities indicated that these actions will be permanent with full respect for human rights and with full adherence to the legal framework. 

These safety and health filters will remain on the Saltillo-Zacatecas Highway at the state limit; in Hidalgo on the Highway to Nuevo Laredo, and on Highway 57 in Hermanas and Castaños.

Source: OEM

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