300 families were affected by ‘Norma’ in Mazatlán: Mayor


MAZATLAN.- Around 300 families were affected by the rains caused by tropical storm “Norma” in Mazatlán.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataraín expressed that support has already been requested from the State Government through the Welfare Secretariat (SEBIDES), while as a municipality they will carry out a precise survey of all those affected by the rains, this to prevent people from take advantage of the situation.

“Right now they are already carrying out a survey, there are not many, they do not exceed 300 families, but they are doing this specific survey to avoid misunderstandings because then we do not want this to be distributed poorly and given to people who are not affected.”

Among the colonies that were damaged are Hogar del Pescador, El Toreo, La Foresta, Jacarandas, López Mateos, a part of the Azteca, Francisco I. Madero and Ampliación Villa Verde.

As for the communities, the ones that suffered the most were El Recreo, El Quelite, La Noria and a part of Villa Unión. All of them presented flooding and waterlogging in some areas.

Among what they lost were mainly household goods such as refrigerators and stoves, which will be replaced with resources from the municipality.

  “A survey is done to see what was damaged and to see if it was the refrigerator, the stove, the mattress or the bed, what this file is about is incorporating what people really need, what was damaged in truth and not what you think of,” mayor said.

“The other item that we always include are mattresses, groceries and blankets, that is always provided.”

But “Norma” not only left streets flooded, but in the rural area it left local roads cut off, one of them is the Mármol road going up and the road from the community of Cofradías, leaving for El Recodo, which is destroyed. The mayor said that there are already crews working for its rehabilitation.

In the city it was not so different, in points such as Prados del Sol and Avenida Clouthier the rains caused sinkholes, which Public Works is already addressing, but even so citizens are asked to travel and circulate with caution.

Regarding the issue of water supply, the municipal president highlighted that both water treatment plants are already working at 100 percent, so it is expected that during the day the service will be restored for all those neighborhoods that reported shortages.

Source: Punto