“Many companies require support in the administration and management of their assets” (Javier Contreras, general director of TMSourcing)



  • The “starting flag” is Mazatlán, Sinaloa
  • TMSourcing will tour the plazas of Mazatlán, Puebla, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mérida, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, Hermosillo, La Paz – Baja California, Colima, Aguascalientes, Mexico City.
  • According to the College of Notaries of Mexico City, by the end of 2023, in Mexico, 23% of the population already has a will. Growth was 8% compared to the end of 2022.

As part of the official announement of TMSourcing FIRST official tour, The Mazatlan Post conducted an excluisive online interview with Javier Contreras, general director and CEO of TMSourcing.

TMP Mr. Contreras, thank you very much for the interview, what can you tell us about TMSourcing FIRST OFFICIAL TOUR?

The NATIONAL ESTATE PLANNING TMSourcing, in its first edition, will visit 12 different cities in the country during 2024, where, after conducting field research, in interaction with notaries, lawyers and financial advisors, TMSourcing plans to get closer to individuals and corporations to provide them completely free of charge, the TMSourcing Estate Planning Master Class, an ABC in the basics of management and administration of all types of assets that will mark a before and after of estate planning in our country.

TMP Is there any specific profile for people or companies who want to be part of the TOUR?

The profile of the attendee of this TMSourcing Estate Planning Master Class includes, from heads of families, businessmen – large and small – to people with diverse profiles such as art collectors, real estate investors or digital investors whose tastes, aspirations and personal objectives have allowed them to forge a heritage made up of a series of assets.

TMP Mr. Contreras, as general director of TMSourcing, what would you tell the public about the management of their assets?

“There are many people who, although they may require support in the administration and management of their assets, they do not ask for help, even when they do not know how do it or who to turn to in order to obtain peace of mind knowing that all the legal and fiscal regulations will be properly taken care of, and most important, that the deal will meet their expectations and specific wishes.

“One of the most important lessons that the pandemic has taught us is the need to have organized estate planning that has effective control over assets throughout life. We must question all the possible scenarios that may arise during life, a divorce, a bankruptcy, a lack of liquidity, growth in the number of family members, accidents, disability issues, etc.” pointed out the general director of TMSourcing.

Mr. Javier Contreras, general director and CEO of TMSourcing.

TMP What type of assets can be managed with TMSourcing estate planning?

To this question, Javier Contreras, the CEO of TMSourcing replied “Estate planning can include a variety of assets, such as properties, collections, investments, debts, tax obligations, among others. Assets can be tangible, like a house, or intangible, like a publicly traded stock.”

In this context, advice on the first steps of estate planning includes the implementation of vehicles such as wills followed by trusts, whcih structured par excellence by TMSourcing, are useful in providing structure in the management of personal assets for an individual or family. In Mexico, trusts are an essential tool for estate planning. Trusts can be used to protect assets, minimize taxes, and avoid probate.

TMP What are the expectations for the TMSourcing FIRST OFFICIAL TOUR?

TMSourcing’s projection is that at the conclusion of the First National TMSourcing Estate Planning Tour, the firm would have attracted approximately 30% of the local propspection estate plan developing market, and in a second edition, TMSourcing will serve as a reference – from person to person – to consolidate the culture of estate planning in Mexico.

TMSourcing will become a benchmark in the non-banking financial sector for its track record in Estate Planning. Since its founding 15 years ago, the talent and specialists of the young company allocate part of their time to train professionals in collaboration with the Anáhuac University of Mexico City with whom TMSourcing maintains an alliance to teach diplomas in Estate Planning and Family Office, in a hybrid format.

About TMSourcing: It is a Mexican company established in 2008 that offers financial, legal and process services, as well as consulting
and back office to financial institutions and clients from other specialties, in the following activities: Engineering and consulting fiduciary, Fiduciary Outsourcing, Prevention of Money Laundering and Regulatory Compliance Asset management and financial operations, Estate Planning, Structuring and Funding, Legal Services, Research, Marketing and Development of Business.

At TMSourcing, expert consultants work on technological platforms, in order to ensure that their clients have profitability and peace of mind, this is how they provide shared services and solve problems for Financial Intermediaries,

For more information go to tmsourcing.com/

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