Foreigners denounce threats after revealing abuses by Cancun INM


The five families from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan who are being held at the Cancun airport, Quintana Roo, were threatened by agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) after revealing that they have been locked up for more than 40 days and have been extorted and mistreated, denounced his lawyer.

José Luis González Navarro, who heads the legal defense of the 25 people, assured Grupo REFORMA that after making their situation known, the INM returned to the airport the 14 people who had been irregularly taken to a rehabilitation center for addicts.

“The personnel threatened them again, pushing them into a van to return them to the ‘clandestine jail’ they have at the airport,” he said.

“The threats are that they are going to stay there until they want to, that they are going to stay in jail in Mexico, is what they told our clients.”

The lawyer said that although his defendants are officially held incommunicado, they managed to sneak in a cell phone, through which they maintain contact and were able to narrate the threats.

Grupo REFORMA published today that the families are being held in a room without ventilation, without a bathroom door, and without food at the Cancun airport, despite the fact that their lawyers affirm that they have a visa.

Of them, a group of 14 people had been transferred to the rehabilitation center for addicts “Despertares Cancún”, but today they were returned to the air terminal.

According to the lawyer González Navarro, the abuses are committed by immigration agents in Terminal 4 of the Cancun airport, known internally as “Los Rudos.”

“I am asking for the removal of the delegate of the Migration Institute here in Quintana Roo,” he said INM ensures compliance with a judicial resolution with retention in Cancun The National Migration Institute (INM) assured that foreigners who are at the Cancun airport are there due to an injunction that they processed after they were denied entry to Mexico.

In an information card, the agency added that because they are family nuclei, the minors were not separated from their families, keeping everyone in the same place.

“The INM is waiting to receive and, where appropriate, abide by the resolution issued by the District Judges before various Amparo’s promoted by nationals of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, who arrived at the Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo, on July 21, 22, 23 and 31 of the current year, “he indicated.

“Based on the above, the adults and minors indicated, by order of a judge, must remain in the space called ‘transit room’, managed by the airport concession company and not by the INM.”

REFORMA published that despite the fact that the law prevents the retention of minors in its facilities, Migration retains five families with 11 children, from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, in a room without ventilation, without a door in the bathroom, and without food at the Cancun airport, despite the fact that their lawyers affirm that they have a visa.

The nationalities and dates of arrival in Mexico reported by the INM do not coincide with what was declared by the lawyer of the 25 foreigners, so it could be more cases under the same conditions.

INM assured that the inadmissibility of foreigners was determined based on the provisions established in the Migration Law and its Regulations and that it gave timely notice to the Office of the Attorney for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in the entity, with the purpose of safeguarding the best interests of the minor.

The INM justified the transfer of foreigners to the Cancun Awakenings rehabilitation center for addicts by ensuring that it was the space designated by the DIF system, once the District Judge determined that they should be channeled to another area.

“In this space, they have received medical attention and supply of medicines, managed by the DIF, likewise, they have received visits from actuaries and lawyers after identification,” he said.

“It should be noted that the Rehabilitation Center enabled as a stay for foreigners while their protection is resolved, is under the administration of the DIF system.”

The INM denied that the foreigners are being held incommunicado, but did not make any reference to the accusations of extortion and the charge of $ 500 a day for food.

He only said that the INM has repeatedly asked the airlines to fulfill their commitments to provide food and custody.


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