Foreign couple denounces corruption at Cancun airport immigration office


At least 25 people, including children and babies, members of 4 families from Asia, suffer from mistreatment and violations of their human rights, being illegally detained at the Cancun airport by personnel of the National Migration Institute, he denounced the lawyer José Luis González, who leads the defense of the group.

In a press conference that he offered this morning in a cafeteria in Cancun and in which a couple accompanied, the lawyer revealed that there are 11 children and two babies in the group, as well as a pregnant woman who was beaten.

He also explained that these are tourists from Russia and Kazakhstan who were detained at the Cancun International Airport, apparently for trying to enter the country with false documents.

However, the lawyer José Luis González, affirms that they are passports and other documents in languages ​​that the immigration agents do not understand and that they took advantage of there to arrest them.

He added that the agents demand that they pay $ 3,000 per person to release them and that as part of the mistreatment they receive, they sell them food at very high prices.

“They sell them pizzas for $ 150 to eat. Some children are sick, ”he added.

In this sense, during the meeting with the media, the conditions in which tourists find themselves, especially minors, were shown.

He also indicated that the couple who accompanied him to the press conference is originally from Kazakhstan, but they reside in the United States and therefore were the only ones who were able to regain their freedom.

In the talk, the lawyer explained that the couple has a travel agency in Miami and they are the ones who brought the tourists to Cancun and that among the detainees there are relatives of them and they even showed the list of detained tourists.

Finally, he regretted that this type of corruption complaints is registered in a similar way in different access points to cities in Latin America and involves the payment of millionaire extortions.


The Cancun Post