Foreigners in Cancun are persecuted and subjected to INM corruption


The passage of undocumented persons through the Cancun airport has become a business for the INM, assured the coordinator of COINDEH

The migratory filter at the International Airport of Cancun has become a “hunt for aliens” where migrants are persecuted, subjugated and imprisoned illegally by immigration officials for corruption, denounced the Inter – American Human Rights Council (COINDEH ).

In the last three weeks, cases of harassment against foreigners who have been illegally detained and held in cells of the Cancun immigration station have come to light.

Lilia Pérez Rodríguez, coordinator of COINDEH in Quintana Roo, denounced El Sol de México that the actions of migration agents in Cancun are questionable because they have exceeded their functions since Mexico’s immigration policy is not one of persecution. and they act contrary to human rights, incurring harassment and psychological abuse of migrants.

He pointed out that for purposes of corruption, foreigners are treated as criminals by immigration agents, who do not have to subdue them and hold them for days and even months at the Cancun Migration Station, without access to food and sometimes incommunicado.

The human rights defender affirmed that the passage of illegals through the Cancun airport has become a business for the National Institute of Migration ( INM ), since it points out that when there is money they pass, otherwise they are subjected and retained.

He asserted that there are cases of migrants who have spent up to three months or more illegally detained in the Cancun Migration Station, violating their rights because they are unaware of Mexican laws, since coming to the country as illegal, he said, is not a crime, it is an administrative matter given that can process your legal stay in the country.

Many times, he denounced, the relatives, lawyers and human rights defenders do not have information and the migrants are practically isolated.

The complaint of the Inter-American Council of Human Rights in Quintana Roo, comes after lawyers of families from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan who came to vacation in Cancun, denounced that they were detained under unclear arguments of the Migration Agents.

Regarding this case, it was revealed that first they are held in the separations that the INM has at the Cancun airport, and then they are taken to the “Migration Station” or to a shelter owned by the Civil Association “Despertares” for drug addiction rehabilitation where they are being held in deplorable conditions.

The complaints coincide that there is a persecution of the Migration agents, especially against migrants who come from Central America and countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as those from Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan among other countries of the former Union Soviet and former Yugoslavia or conflict zones.

After the emergency of the pandemic, the Cancun International Airport has received close to 10 million visitors in the last 12 months and before the pandemic, it handled more than 23 million passengers annually.

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