Child prostitution network discovered in Quintana Roo with connections in Latin America, Europe and Asia


The case of the rescue of 20 children in Playa del Carmen, who were destined for sexual exploitation, uncovered a huge network of child prostitution that operates from Quintana Roo, but that has tentacles in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

This dangerous mafia, which became known last July, kidnaps, prostitutes and murders European, Asian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Panamanian, Argentine and Colombian children, as documented by the authorities.

But the case is just a button of the tremendous impact on children, according to the report of the Network for Children’s Rights (Redim), until last October in Quintana Roo the whereabouts of 237 minors who go from zero to 17 years.

The 20 minors from Chiapas were rescued from a barracks where they were held captive. The children and adolescents, between one and 17 years old, were located by elements of the State Prosecutor’s Office when completing a search warrant.

Now, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic and of Quintana Roo, announce that they have detected the operation of International Networks that transfer young South American, European and Eastern women to Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancún by offering Mexican nationality to later help them obtain a North American VISA to make the American Dream come true.

What the authorities are looking for, they say, is to link the cases and document the investigations to put an end to the operation of groups that for many years have perfected the trafficking of girls and boys.

He adds that the Prosecutor’s Offices have focused their investigations on linking the cases and the actors involved with the purpose of clarifying the operation and being able to put an end to these international networks that have maintained the abuse of girls, boys and minors in Quintana Roo.

According to the Federal agency, since 2005, Quintana Roo has been accused of the operation of groups that kidnap boys and girls who are taken to the entity’s tourist destinations and forced into prostitution.

In that year, the existence of complicities between authorities, business groups and politicians who have maintained a network of child exploitation that involved people in power at the time was revealed.

As an example, during the filming of the movie “Sound of Freedom”, a film produced and starred by Eduardo Verástegui, it was filmed for 57 days in Colombia, and according to the Mexican, during that period 200 children who were living in slavery by traffickers were rescued.

Source: Por Esto