Mexican Navy and National Guard fight in Cancun park


Twelve people, including women and civilians, were arrested. A group of elements from the Navy and National Guard personnel staged a pitched fight in the middle of the Las Palapas Park in Cancun.

According to police information, the events occurred last night when a dozen officers from the Navy and the National Guard, as well as three civilians, staged a rampage at Supermanzana 22 in Las Palapas Park.

The emboldened officers struck everywhere, so the people at the scene notified the authorities through 911.

But when the police arrived, those responsible had already left the place … but to continue fighting elsewhere.

The fight between the elements of the order continued on Tulum Avenue in front of the Municipal Palace, where they were detained by the police.

Elements of the Navy and the National Guard put up a fight in a park in Cancun.

Among the detainees, there are two women: an active element of the navy; as well as active personnel of the so-called National Guard who identified themselves as:

Leydi N; Third Master of the Marine Infantry; José Francisco N; Third Master of the Marine Corps;

And the elements of the National Guard:

Jhony Humberto N,
Gabriel N,
Diego Armando N,
Francisco Divari N,
José Eduardo N,
Miguel Ángel N,
Vicente N, and
Jhonatan Diego Armando N.

Three civilians who identified themselves as: Kevin N, Deisy Alejandra N, and Víctor N.

All were made available to the corresponding authorities.

According to police records, it is not the first time that elements of the National Guard have been involved in street fights on their day off.


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