Mazatlán is on the travel route of international and national tourism: Ricardo Velarde


The Undersecretary of Promotion of Sectur reported that the promotional trips not only reinforce the tours with states where they already work, but also integrate new cities and new routes

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlán is and remains on the travel route of national and international tourism and as a potential client for tours from other cities that by 2024 could not only reinforce but implement new tours to the destination, said Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

The Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation at the Ministry of Tourism in Sinaloa reported that throughout 2023, the promotion was focused on showing the cultural and gastronomic value of the destination together with hotel associations, positioning it for the future holiday season.

“Many of them already have connectivity, with Canada we have a lot of connectivity, but yes, the work is being done, this season we are about to receive the second result of the connectivity semester.”

Each hotel association in Mazatlán, he explained, specializes in something, hence the support that Sectur does with them in these cities, the Tres Islas Hotel Association works in national tourism, while the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies from Mazatlán, specializes in foreign tourism, achieving synergy in both.

“Asociación Tres Islas works a lot on the issue of the corridor of Durango, Coahuila, Torreón – the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies specializes more in foreign tourism with destinations like Canada and the United States, also strengthening the market,” he said.

Until the end of October, the state official reported that these associations, together with Sectur, were present with the culture and gastronomy of Mazatlán and the rest of Sinaloa, in at least 23 cities, 11 of them in Mexico such as Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez , Mexico City, Monterrey, León and Tijuana, Querétaro, Morelia, Guadalajara, Durango and Torreón.

Internationally, they visited seven cities in the United States and five in Canada, where they trained around 800 travel agents; The list of cities in the United States includes Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, Phoenix and Houston and in Canada, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

Source: Punto