Norma will impact the center of Sinaloa, but the orange alert is for the entire state


In the session of the Mazatlán Civil Protection Council it was reported that the alert remains for the next 48 hours, as the rains will continue until Wednesday

MAZATLAN. – Hurricane “Norma” will impact the center of Sinaloa, however, the orange alert remains throughout the state, reported the director of Civil Protection in Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, during the permanent session of the Civil Protection Council.

Hugo Nordahl, in charge of the Local Meteorological Service in southern Sinaloa, reported that this natural phenomenon is located in the vicinity of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, 45 kilometers west-southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, and 405 kilometers east of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

“It will begin to degrade, entering Baja California as a Tropical Storm and threatening the center of our state, and upon entering the Gulf of California it is likely to intensify again because in that area, on the coasts of Sinaloa, it has temperatures above 30 degrees,” he reported.

In the case of Mazatlán, he said, moderate rains to showers are expected at intervals throughout the weekend, waiting, according to the forecasts, for it to decrease by Sunday night or Monday morning.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum explained that the Public Security entity, Civil Protection, Mazatlán City Council, Red Cross, MARINA and SEDENA give a total of just over 1,179 elements available to respond immediately and around 110 vehicles, for the 80 neighborhoods and 25 cruise ships.

“We are in the orange phase, it means an approaching cyclone, we have to be clear about that, social and ordinary activity in the city has to be done with caution… we invite you to take the corresponding precautions inside your home, to companies that take prudent considerations, hotels protect lounge chairs,” he said.

The official warned that shelters will be enabled in urban and rural areas, in the urban area the Cultural Institute of the West will be available, with a capacity for 840 people; In the northern rural area, the UAS high school will be opened in El Quelite, with a capacity for 80 people; and in the southern rural area, Cobaes 39, in Villa Unión, with a capacity of 180 people.

Vulnerable flood risk areas

Fisherman’s Home – North International Highway

El Toreo Subdivision – Rafael Buelna Avenue and La Marina Avenue

Salvador Allende – Colosio Boulevard and Arroyo Jabalines Bridge

Federico Velarde- Santa Rosa and Circunvalación

November 20 Extension – Vasconcelos High School

Pino Suárez- Gabriel Leyva Avenue and Pino Suárez Avenue

Foresta Subdivision – Manuel J. Clouthier Avenue, Jacarandas Avenue and Villa Verde Extension

Zona Dorada- Camarón Sábalo Avenue, Sábalo Cerritos Avenue Real del Valle Fractionation, Real Pacifico, Hacienda del Seminario

Beaches close

In Culiacán, Mazatlán, Escuianapa, Elota and other coastal municipalities of the entity, the municipal Civil Protection authorities reported that entry to the beaches will be restricted due to weather conditions. In Culiacán, the Ponce and Vigía beaches of the El Dorado syndicate; in Mazatlán all of the coastal promenade. In Escuinapa, the beaches Las Cabras, Las Lupitas and Teacapán.

The Municipal Civil Protection Coordination informs citizens that the decision has been made to close the entrance to the beaches of Ponce and El Vigía, in the Eldorado Municipality.

Boats take refuge in Mazatlán

As of Thursday and until Saturday, a total of 97 vessels have been sheltered, which have entered the Port of Mazatlán to take care of the effects of Hurricane Norma, and there are no ferry services in the Gulf of California, highlighted the Regional Captain of the Port in Mazatlán, Captain of the General Corps of the General Staff, Luis Antonio Barreiro Varela.

“Over time, the information was disseminated to them so that they could make the appropriate decision. From the first moment they know that there is a phenomenon to come, they begin to take precautions. What we do is spread the entire perspective well so that they can make their decision” he highlighted.

Source: Punto