The Oaxacan Tlayuda is the undisputed winner of the “Mexican Snacks’ Tournament”


A popular antojito, the Tlayuda is native to the state of Oaxaca. It is regarded as iconic in the local cuisine and can be found particularly around Oaxaca Main Market.


The most popular Mexican snacks fought in a fierce tournament, resulting in the Tlayuda being the winner, thus obtaining the title of the tastiest in Mexico. 

The person who organized the combat was the federal Secretariat of Tourism, this was through various confrontations, hand to hand and through Twitter, among the various dishes. 

It was the users of the social network who, for several days, voted with likes and shares, which was their favorite national snack. The one that added the most points was the very Oaxacan Tlayuda, reaching no more and no less than 100 thousand votes.  

The beatings began on September 15. That day the Sectur faced the drowned cake of Jalisco, against the pambazo of Xalapa. They also took on the Baja California shrimp taco against the Campeche dogfish bread. 

The third fight was the mining enchiladas from Guanajuato against the chipilín tamales from Chiapas, but perhaps the wildest confrontation was that of the Menudo from Aguascalientes against the mole from Puebla. 

The fights and eliminations took place as if it were a Dragon Ball or UFC tournament; Thus, strong competitors fell, such as pozole verde, burritos, cabrito, uchepos, broth from Duranguense, and even sopes and the helpful Cochinita Pibil

But not even the Chilango al pastor taco or the Hidalgo barbecue could do anything against the deadly hook of the Tlayuda. The public went crazy, some accused that the fight was fixed, others that the title was well deserved and there was no botching. 

The fact was that the Tlayuda, with at least 60 years of existence, and born in the town of San Antonio de la Cal, Oaxaca, was not shy about putting on the belt of the tastiest snack in Mexico.

Source: OEM

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