Crime index growing alarmingly in Mérida, Yucatán


In Yucatán, a large percentage of impunity prevails, according to the group “México Evalúa”.

According to data from the entity, 80 percent of the crimes that are reported to the State Attorney General’s Office remain in total impunity.

Last year, 4,029 were presented to the Public Ministry for various crimes, however, 3,223 remained in total impunity or those responsible were not punished, as it was not resolved.

The most serious is recorded in the crimes of extortion, where the entity occupies the first position in impunity in these crimes.

According to México Evalúa, 100 percent impunity in extortion prevails in the state of Yucatán, which means that none of the complaints filed for extortion are resolved.

Last year, 10 complaints were filed with the Prosecutor’s Office, but none of them were resolved, so far this year there are 10, that is, the same amount as that registered throughout 2022.

For its part, the INEGI indicated that in 2022 the judicial authorities detained and charged 745 people, however, 113 of them the Judge decreed the non-binding order and exonerated them.

That is, 15 percent of the investigation files with detainees that the Prosecutor’s Office made available to the Judge, the judge determined not to subject them to judicial process, leaving them with impunity.

Source: México Evalúa

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