Querétaro celebrates the enchilada and turkey fair 2023 


The state of Querétaro is preparing to celebrate the Enchilada and Guajolote Fair 2023, an event that will take place on September 9 in the Plaza de la Constitución in the state capital starting at 3:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.  

During the Enchilada and Turkey Fair 2023, attendees will be able to enjoy a wide variety of enchiladas and turkeys, prepared by the best chefs and restaurants in Querétaro. 

Enchiladas are a very popular Mexican dish that is prepared with corn tortillas filled with various ingredients, such as chicken, meat, cheese or vegetables, but they can be served with different types of sauce, such as green sauce, red sauce or even mole.  

Guajolotes are another typical dish from Querétaro, which consists of telera bread soaked in guajillo chili sauce and which is usually filled with chicken, pork, beef or potatoes and accompanied by some vegetables. 

At the Enchilada and Turkey Fair 2023, attendees will be able to find enchiladas of all types and flavors, from traditional green and red enchiladas, to enchiladas with more exotic fillings, such as prawns, ceviche or insects. 

There will also be a wide variety of turkeys, with fillings ranging from traditional chicken with mole, to pork with nopales or beef with cheese.  

In addition to food, the 2023 Enchilada and Guajolote Fair will also feature a series of cultural activities, such as music, dance, and crafts. 

This event is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Querétaro cuisine and learn more about the culture of this beautiful state. 

      Don’t forget to bring cash, as some stalls do not accept cards. 

  Source: Top Adventure