Safran and Bombardier to expand investments in Querétaro


QUERETARO – The Safran and Bombardier aerospace companies will expand in the municipality of Colon, which will generate technical jobs, informed Manuel Montes Hernandez, municipal president of Colon, Queretaro.

Safran’s expansion represents an investment of US$80 million and the generation of 150 specialized jobs. Montes explained that Bombardier acquired land in Colón, where they will install a ship to repair engines, whose construction will begin in May 2024.

“All the necessary procedures are already in place with us and with the state, but they are planning to start construction in May,” he said.

According to the mayor, in this 2023, about 5,000 jobs have been generated from different investments.

Montes Hernández pointed out that Bosch is also planning to expand its investment, as is the case with Microsoft, which began construction of a data center in 2023. However, he added that the progress of the latter depends on the consolidation of the energy projects.

Currently, he pointed out, the company Aceltic, Microsoft’s supplier, has three data centers installed in Colón.

It is worth mentioning that the energy project to be carried out during the current administration would begin in the first quarter of 2024 and includes the construction of an energy transmission infrastructure near Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport (AIQ).

Source: Mexico Now