Exotic dancer appears in the helmet of a Civil Protection official, what happened? 


What it was a simple interview, now has gone viral and the coordinator of Civil Protection of Tlaxcala, Juvencio Neto, displayed on his work helmet the silhouette of an exotic dancer who is seen showing off her curves while practicing the pole. 

The official spoke in front of the microphone on September 4, about the care that must be taken when handling pyrotechnics, he showed his complete equipment and of course the helmet, but upon seeing it in detail it had a table dancing dancer as its emblem.  

Organizations and various citizens of the state of Tlaxcala immediately criticized the official for modifying the official uniform and asked that he be sanctioned. It was learned that several members of that team also carry the figure of the dancer. 

The protesters assured that this is a serious lack of respect for both the institution and women. 

What does the star of life mean as an emblem of rescuers? 

The star of life is a symbol commonly used in healthcare and emergency services. This star has a specific design, usually consisting of a circle with six star-shaped points and a staff in the center. Each point of the star of life is usually labeled with a letter that represents an important aspect of emergency medical care. The most common letters are: 

     A: Breathing 

     C: Circulation 

     A: Hemorrhage (in some versions) 

     V: Airway 

     E: Exposition (in some versions) 

The Star of Life is used in emergency equipment, ambulance vehicles, and other medical settings to indicate the importance of addressing these critical aspects during a medical emergency. Each of the letters of the Star of Life serves as a reminder to healthcare professionals and first responders about key priorities in caring for a patient in an emergency situation. 

  Source: Excelsior