Rains leave more than 300 homes affected in Mazatlán, not counting blackouts 


Mayor Edgar Augusto González Zataráin reported that there was an accumulation of 190 millimeters of rain water last night and early today 

MAZATLAN. – Schools and homes flooded and 500 people rescued were some of the damages that occurred with the rains that last Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. 

According to the mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, the accumulated rainfall was 190 millimeters, a much higher statistic than those that have been recorded in recent weeks, which had been oscillating between 50 millimeters. 

He expressed that among the most notable damages are areas that suffered severe flooding, giving a preliminary total, in the urban area alone, of 300 affected homes. 

     “It is only a preliminary count, it is only from the urban area, we still need to include the rural area, but there will be many more.” 

Among the most affected neighborhoods are Ampliación de Urías, Hogar del Pescador, El Estero, López Mateos, Infonavit Playas and El Toreo, in addition to several places in the urban area. 

Regarding rescues, at least 500 people were trapped in workplaces, houses and in streets that were flooded. These people were not transferred to shelters, but to the homes of other relatives. 

The streets and avenues that were affected were Rafael Buelna and Marina avenues in El Toreo, Camarón Sábalo and Tiburón on the side of Conapesca, 20 de Noviembre and Internacional in the Benito Juárez neighborhood and Bicentenario avenue in Francisco Villa. 

In other areas, cars were found under water, as well as a car that fell into a hole in Rincón de Urías with people inside, who were rescued by Civil Protection elements. 

  Source: Punto