Young man went to Costco just to experience and recount the cake war’ in San Pedro: VIDEO


San Pedro.- The Costco cake sale has generated a lot of controversy, because dozens of resellers and entrepreneurs have been caught standing in long lines and fighting over desserts. 

It all started when complaints broke out on social networks from people who have membership and cannot buy any cake, since there were people who took more than six, so the company chose to only sell a few pieces per person, at least In Monterrey they sell five per customer. 

However, this measure has only generated more fights, as videos continue to circulate of women running with the carts so they can get the the most ordered cakes before the cakes run out, including the famous ‘Matilda’. 

A TikTok user uploaded a video two days ago where employees at Costco in San Pedro Garza García, located in Monterrey, told her to show up the next day (yesterday) at 9:15 a.m., so that she could catch up. 

Anny Lozz came yesterday morning just to document and witness how the cake war between the “Nenis (new internet business entrepreneurs)” is lived. 

     “I’m not a “Nenis” or anything, but I came to run, I just didn’t wear my tennis shoes,” said the young woman as she ran with her cart through the hallways to get to the bakery area. 

Lozz began to narrate how the ladies were desperately trying to get to the cake place and find the ones that sold the most to them, so that other ‘nenis’ wouldn’t win them over. 

     “Everyone went through the main hallway, while I went through another to get there first,” she is heard in the video. 

The young woman was caught by a security guard for running, “no wonder everyone walks, they scold you,” she mentioned. 

     “In aisle number two, they already took five, they already took six, they already took seven, and because I was recording, I haven’t taken anything,” she narrated. 

The influencer happily believed that if she had reached the famous ‘Matilda’ cake, “It’s done! I have the Bruce, Bruce, Bruce cake! 

     “Oh, there aren’t any more, I wanted two, I just wanted one, for being a clown, well, what’s the other one for whom they fight a lot? so we go, so we go,” she said while capturing several carts with more than two cakes.  

In addition, she confirmed that to get one of the famous desserts, she has to rush and arrive early, because they sell out in a few minutes, and she realized that she got the wrong cake. 

     “If it’s real, you have to run, I mean in the blink of an eye, there was no longer the ‘Matilda’ cake, I don’t know, well now I’m going to have to take it because I already grabbed it, I already came here, but, well, I’m going to try it and I’m going to make a video for you. 

@queseleantojaalareina Estuvo tranqui sali con mi chongo 😅 #selogro #pasteldematilda #matilda #parati #fyp #viral #costco ♬ Elovrga – Alex Favela & Grupo Marca Registrada & Joaquin Medina

How much profit do they make from each cake? 

Finally, she revealed the price of the cakes and how much profit the famous nenis make from each piece. 

     “Listen, the cake costs 200 pesos, there are 10 slices for 50 pesos and it’s 500 pesos, they take 300 pesos from each cake (of profit), they got five cakes, it’s 1,500 per day and I don’t know how much they earn a week, oh what cool thing” she explained. 

     “It’s more than the minimum wage, this venture is very good, just take your precautions, don’t fight, I’ve been to Costco so many times, and I swear I’ve never seen the cakes I saw this morning, I already saw why.” They run and fight over them,” Anny concluded. 

  Source: ABC Noticias