Video: Warning issued of false checkpoints and hijackings on the Puebla-Veracruz highway


Maltrata, Veracruz.-After motorists alerted about the presence of false checkpoints on the Puebla-Veracruz highway, elements of the Ministry of Public Security mounted a search and shelter operation on the road.

Transporters alerted through social networks about the presence of false checkpoints installed by armed individuals on the borders of the states of Puebla and Veracruz, specifically after passing the La Esperanza toll booth in the direction of the city of Orizaba.

In a video shared through social networks, it is observed how a group of subjects with weapons and dressed in black intervened a cargo transport unit, which caused the panic of the drivers who were traveling in that direction, who stopped at the start of their vehicles and chose to back up before passing that point.

It was the same drivers of heavy units, who showed the images of the uniformed men taking a tour in the upper area, where fog is common when traveling.

And it is that the presence of armed men who frightened motorists had been reported to stop their path and proceed to rob them, which led to a call for help to the National Guard.

Robberies on this section of the highway are constant, it has even been mentioned that many of the accidents are caused by criminal groups to steal cargo, putting those who travel along that artery at risk and causing the collapse of the highway. .

Another driver warned about the risk situation: “Comrades, there is a false checkpoint, passing Esperanza, Esperanza’s booth, we are all backing up, comrades, two cars have just been stolen up ahead.”

In addition, the Twitter user with the account @superardis recommended avoiding traveling on that highway, since there are criminals in Maltrata and Ciudad Mendoza who are dedicated to theft of freight transport.

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In this sense, the user of social networks urged carriers and drivers to preferably circulate on the highway that leads to Xalapa, continue towards the city of Veracruz and from there connect with La Tinaja, since it is a safer section. .

“If you travel to the southern oil zone or to the port of Veracruz, avoid #orizaba, #CdMendoza and the México Veracruz highway. Use the new highway to Xalapa and connect at the jar, it’s safer. In #maltrata and Mendoza there are posters assaulting. #Veracruz is dangerous, land without law”.


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