AMLO declared he is satisfied with the letter he received from US President Joe Biden


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, said on Friday, September 2nd, that he was “satisfied” with the letter he received from Joe Biden, his American counterpart, about the energy consultations that Washington opened within the Treaty between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, USMCA (or T-MEC, as it is known in Mexico).

“We have a very good relationship, everything is very good between us, very well. Yes, I am satisfied,” declared the president in his daily press conference.

He revealed that “about three or four days ago” he received a letter from Biden in response to the letter he sent a month ago to complain about the consultation that the United States initiated on Mexican energy policy, accused of favoring Mexican public companies to the detriment of the American companies.

The consultation, to which Canada joined, has raised concern in Mexico because it could become a dispute panel within the trade agreement, in force since 2020, but López Obrador asserted that the problems were solved in Biden’s letter, although not revealed its content.

“The basics were resolved, and I believe that what I am showing you is more than enough, there is trust, I consider him not only my friend but a friend of Mexico, which is the most important thing, he is very respectful when he talks about our sovereignty”, he asserted.

AMLO added that Biden said something very important in that letter, “and this is good for people to know, all the people, that the relationship is very good and, above all, Mexico has a strategic place in the world.”

At one point, the president displayed a handwritten postscript from the US president.

“I reiterate my deepest respect for you and for the independence and sovereignty of Mexico, I hope we continue in contact. PS. I look forward to seeing you again,” López Obrador read based on a translation by the Mexican government.

Source: EFE

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