Four Dish You Should Try Out When You Visit Mexico


Mexico has a deep history with food, and it is one of the most popular destinations for people who love the sun and food. Most of the tourists visiting the country are always excited about the food and historical museums spread across the country. 

In this article curated by, we will be listing out a few of the most popular dishes you should try out when you visit the Latin American country.


This is a popular dish even amongst tourists in the country. Pozole is a red soup with beans, radishes, tortillas, and greens. Anthropologists claimed that Pozole is a pre-Hispanic soup that was once used as part of ritual sacrifices. These days, however, you can find chicken, pork, and vegetarian pozole variants available in places across the country. It is made from hominy corn with many herbs and spices. The dish is stewed, traditionally, for hours, and, sometimes, overnight. When it’s ready to serve, radish, onion, chili, lettuce, and lime will be sprinkled on it.


Chilaquiles is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico, and you should be trying it out when you visit the Latin American country. The dish usually features fried corn tortillas which are cut into quarters and topped with either green or red salsa. The scrambles or fried eggs and chicken are usually added on top along with cheese and cream to make it even more enticing than ever. Chilaquiles can be served with a healthy dose of frijoles (refried beans) and can be eaten while gaming at nz online casino.


Tostadas is a dish blessed with frijoles, pickled red onion, chillis, fresh herbs, and other toppings. From its name which literally means toasted, tostadas are a simply delicious dish that includes corn tortillas fried in boiling out until they become crunchy and golden. They can be served alone or piled high with any number of garnishes stated above. You can also add cheese, seafood, cooked meat, and ceviche. Arjen Robben has probably tried it out.

Tacos al Pastor

This is one of the most historic dishes in Mexico, dating back to the 1920s during the arrival of the Lebanese and Syrian in Mexico. Several varieties of tacos al pastor have been created over the years. To create a tacos al pastor dish, thin strips of pork will be sliced off a spit and will be placed on a corn tortilla, to be served with onions, pineapple, and coriander leaves. It can also be served with minced beef, limes, chili, red onion, and several other exciting toppings.

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