Argentine press uncovers that “Tata” Martino has quit Mexico’s National Team 4 months before the World Cup


The Argentine press stated that Gerardo “Tata” Martino will indeed resign from the Mexican national team, criticized and pointed out who would be his replacement. 

In Mexico, Gerardo Martino’s process continues to provide discouraging news for fans in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup. He contributed nothing to the team in terms of sports and his planning continues to fail to produce the expected results. Now, to top it all off, he was caught in Argentina talking to the current coach of the Argentine national team.

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He was 3rd in the World Cup with El Tri, was supposed to replace Ochoa, now he sells food

During his visit to the Argentinean country, the photograph of the coach in the Newell’s stadium and his conversation with Lionel Scaloni, sparked criticism from Mexican fans and press. As a result of this situation, journalist Yiyo Garcilazo criticized the national team and said that Tata Martino will leave El Tri.

The journalist from TNT Sports Argentina shared that the resignation of Mexico’s current coach is a matter of time. However, the controversy arose when the communicator stressed that it is the best thing for him to leave the team due to the lack of talent in El Tri. He assured that Mexico wants to be World Champion and does not have what it needs.

Who will be Martino’s replacement?

Although the Mexican press has other versions, according to TNT Sports, Marcelo Bielsa is the plan B and the best positioned coach to replace Martino at El Tri. However, critics continue to state that Mexico can bring the best coach in the world and will not achieve anything, according to the Argentinean press.

Source: Futbolero

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