Mexico Under-20 Soccer National Team coach Maribel Domínguez accused of sexual abuse and sexual harassment

Maribel Domínguez

Maribel Domínguez would have been separated from the coaching staff of the Mexican Women’s Under 20 National Team, which is a few days away from traveling to the FIFA World Cup of that category that will be held in Costa Rica from August 10 to 28.

According to the local media, the Mexican Soccer Federation decided that Maribel will no longer be the coach of the Mexican team, due to strong indiscipline, which came to light in the past few days.

Former player Maribel Domínguez would have been accused of sexual harassment against more than one member of the Mexican Women’s U-20 National Team.

Maribel Domínguez speaking with one of her players during training (Photo: Trending Mexico)

According to journalist Martín del Palacio, Maribel Domínguez, a former player of the Mexican Women’s National Team, was denounced for sexual harassment by a soccer player from the Mexican team.

In fact, the player in question has already criminally denounced the coach of the Women’s Tri Sub-20.

However, the player who denounced, according to Martín del Palacio, is not the only one who has pointed out inappropriate behavior by coach Maribel Domínguez.

Del Palacio stated that several soccer players would have been “groped and inappropriately touched” without her consent by Maribel Domínguez.

Therefore, some players no longer wanted to attend the calls of the Mexican Women’s Under-20 National Team, because, taking into account what the aforementioned journalist said, the situation of harassment was constant.

Source: Diario de Morelos

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