Alacranes Reef: a natural protected area within Yucatan territorial waters

Alacranes Reef

Alacranes is a reef surrounding a small group of islands in the Gulf of Mexico off the northern coast of the state of Yucatán, Mexico. Designated a national park, the reef is part of the Campeche Bank archipelago and is the largest reef in the southern Gulf of Mexico

The Alacranes Reef National Park is a Natural Protected Area of great importance in our country. Mainly because it covers the largest coral structure in the Gulf of Mexico, and also for being the only reef complex in the State of Yucatán. It is formed by five islets: Isla Pérez, Isla Blanca o Chica, Isla Muertos o Desertora, Isla Pájaros, and Isla Desterrada. The reef is surrounded by shallow tropical waters. The vegetation of the islands is made up of dune and mangrove species.

The main starting point to access the Park is Puerto Progreso. The entrance to this area must be done by watercraft (boat, dinghy, etc).

Some of the activities that can be practiced are recreational diving, flora and fauna observation, boat trips, recreational fishing, and boat rides.

Source: Observatorio Costero para la Resiliencia

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