Tropical Storm Alex prowls the Yucatan Peninsula with hurricane potential


The potential storm would be born from showers and thunderstorms that are grouped just east of the Yucatán Peninsula and are expected to consolidate into a more concentrated area of low pressure as they shift north and east over the Gulf of Mexico in the coming days.

The remnants of Hurricane Agatha, which slammed into southern Mexico on Monday as the country’s strongest May storm on record, are being drawn into this system.

Possible track of what may become Tropical Storm Alex. (NHC)

The National Hurricane Center says the system has an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm by the weekend. Through Thursday, it is forecast to unload heavy rain on southeastern Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula, and Belize. Then South Florida, the Florida Keys, and western Cuba could be in the crosshairs of very heavy rain Friday and Saturday.


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