AMLO bans sale of vaping devices in Mexico

Photo by Elsa Olofsson in Unsplash

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been banned from sale in Mexico, with expanded restrictions on smoking and vaping on the way.

Mexico has banned the sale of vaping devices as authorities say they are concerned about the health effects of vaping.

The move was announced by President Manuel Lopez Obrador on World No Tobacco Day and was accompanied by several other measures aimed at clamping down on smoking in public places.

What did President Obrador say about vaping?

Mexico’s Health Minister Hugo Lopez Gatell said on Tuesday that claims that say vaping is a healthy alternative to tobacco are a “big lie.”

“The vapors are also harmful to human health,” said Lopez Obrador as he signed the bill into law, adding that vaping devices have been designed to appeal to young people.

“Look at the color, the design,” Lopez Obrador said, holding up a pink vaping device.

Mexico had already banned imports of e-cigarettes, but companies had continued to sell what they already had in stock.

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