Scotiabank has ambition for Mexico and this is its plan to be omnichannel


In an interview with Forbes Mexico, the CEO of Scotiabank, Adrián Otero, said that they can greatly support the economic development of Mexico.

Bank Convention

When he was appointed CEO of Scotiabank Mexico, before going to what would be his office, Adrián Otero stopped at one of the bank’s branches to live the day-to-day life of his clients, open an account, see how they worked and take notes. of what needed to be changed.

Almost 3 years later, the manager is clear that the central point to gain greater participation is customer service, which is why his commitment to the digital world to be an omnichannel institution.

In an interview with Forbes México, Otero says that the first thing he learned was that they had to reduce the time of account openings, which went from 1 hour to a maximum of 30 minutes, but his plan is to be able to do it in 5; In addition, he saw that they had to advise more, have a transversal vision and understands the habits of people, to generate a bond.

“ I have a theme of experiencing the bank, the first thing I did almost 3 years ago before coming here was to open my checking account at a branch, experience the bank, see what it is like, how it works, what to do, take notes, because that is what people live from day to day”, he affirms prior to the 85th Banking Convention.

For the banker, generating that link is a huge challenge because when being a large bank, with millions of customers, they have to see this segmentation to better serve their customers, give a differential so that they are the bank where they do all their transactions; since the difference between the Scotiabank of 2 years ago and the current one is the ambition.

Adrián Otero says that the strategy they proposed 3 years ago, although they have made some adjustments, is still based on 3 pillars, where the first is the most important resource, they have to have “the best talent”, maintain it and attract new ones; but it is not the only one, since the second is based on taking advantage of new technologies.

“ I must continue to promote and develop the entire issue of digital customer experience, provide an omnichannel experience, I have to provide the same experience and the same things that you operate in your branch, on mobile, in the office and on the web,” he explains.

While the third pillar is to make things simpler to give your customers the best experience; since the financial system in Mexico is highly competitive and the great differentiator is attention, making people take less time to make their transactions, removing the obstacles that exist.

But the branches are not going to disappear, hence the importance of physical renewal, as well as having a more inclined approach to advice, to resolve doubts when a person wants to take out a mortgage or some car loan.

“I want generations and generations and generations to pass and you feel cared for, that is the difference and that is that we have a place where banks are focused, to give you the best experience and to be attending to this,” he says.

However, it recognizes that within this digital adoption they have to demonstrate that they have total security when people make a transaction; In addition, although the pandemic and all this evolution is helping all human beings see and accept this digital adoption much more, the obstacles must also be removed.

“The way I have to help you for this option is to make your life easy, if I am going to give you 38,500 steps so that you can actually transact, well, it is an issue, but I have the challenge that I have to create a super safe environment for you, make your life easy and that’s kind of what we’re trying to do,” he says.

At the same time, the banker says that in the segment of individuals they want to continue pushing the mortgage part, car loans because at the end of the day they have a very strong market share and are leaders there; in addition to continuing to promote the credit card part with more personalized solutions.

While in the part of moral persons, they want to grow the whole business and corporate issue; since they are struck by the number of medium-sized companies that are arriving in Mexico, mainly this whole block of Canada and the United States; because they see that Mexicans “have skills”, labor, resources, and geographic location.

“We are focused, we are supporting and we are trying to reach out to these companies and entrepreneurs, maximizing this distribution network that we have throughout the Republic, I think we can greatly support economic development and also grow, because in the end our business is in credit and I want it to be the primary bank for our clients”, he says.

Therefore, in the medium term, Adrán Otero sees Scotiabank growing in the Mexican Republic, gaining market share, attracting talent, modern, alive, evolving since they believe they have an incredible project.  

“We have sought to continue evolving, I think that we need to do this in all companies and as I always say, you have to see that you cannot stay static, you have to evolve because in the end what you want to give is continuity in a company, like this one that we are so big, the bank has been in Canada for 200 years, 40 and 50 years here in Mexico and it will continue to be there”, he anticipates.


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