It’s a myth that the tortilla makes you fat say nutritionist


The nixtamalized corn tortilla surprises every day with its enormous health benefits, and the energy it provides comes from complex carbohydrates, the healthiest and most necessary for your body.

As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, in pre-Hispanic Mexico Mesoamerican man remained healthy on the basis of a very simple diet: corn, beans, nopal, chili, and squash. The above, especially because the nixtamal enhanced the properties of corn and the synthesis it does with beans is formidable.

Generations and generations in times of crisis have survived thanks to the great properties of the tortilla (although it is important to clarify that we are talking about the tortilla made from nixtamalized corn, not corn flour, with which large dough companies manufacture). Even today, and according to data from the Alliance for Food Health, in some rural areas the tortilla provides up to 70% of calories and 50% of daily protein consumption. In this regard, the same organization clarifies that the myth that the tortilla makes you fat is false Since most of the energy in your diet should come from complex carbohydrates (the healthiest), and guess what? The omelet is one of the foods that contain the highest amount of complex carbohydrates.

It is also rich in calcium, fiber and potassium and low in fat and sodium. For all the above, eliminating the tortilla under the myth that it makes you fat can be very dangerous. According to the nutritionist Guadalupe Herrera Estrada, in this regard she stated in an interview for El Universal:

On many occasions, people get carried away by this myth and in the desire to lose weight they eliminate the tortilla from their daily diet, which can be very dangerous because they not only expose themselves to fainting due to lack of energy and fatigue. It causes them to eliminate this food, but it also significantly affects their immune system and they are more prone to suffering from diseases.

For his part, Isaac Calderón Parra, a specialist in applied nutrition for high-performance sports, also shared for the same newspaper:

Even high-performance athletes are recommended to consume corn tortillas, not only for the energy provided by this food but because all its nutrients promote muscle recovery, promote the immune system and help prevent diseases.

* The recommendation:

Eat 2 corn tortillas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to satisfy your appetite and stay healthy. Make sure they are made from nixtamalized corn , their properties will surprise you, and you can learn about them here.


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