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The first Balloon Festival in the Magical Town of Atlixco will be an event with a cause

The Magical Town of Atlixco will dress its sky in colors with its first Balloon Festival, “Puebla is in the air” The event will take place in October and it is expected that visitors will be able to enjoy dozens of hot air balloons in mid-flight for two days, as well as various cultural, gastronomic, and musical activities.

The Balloon Festival will share its landscape with the majesty of the Popocatépetl volcano and the colorful streets of Atlixco, decorated with sawdust rugs that take place in the most representative festivals. 

The festival is the product of the collaboration between the Puebla Tourism Ministry and the Puebla Shopping Center Association (Acecop), with the purpose of reactivating the economy of the families of the state and, specifically, of the inhabitants of the municipality.

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What activities will there be during the balloon festival in Puebla

Not only will you be able to witness a hot air balloon show, but you will also be able to fly in one of them (at an additional cost to the entrance fee). There will be live music, commercial, gastronomic and cultural pabellas, as well as an area dedicated to the Magical Towns of Puebla. 

“Puebla is in the air” an event with a cause

The State Secretary of Culture affirms that the “Puebla is in the air” festival will be an event to promote the cultural wealth of  Atlixco; at the same time, it will allow visitors to know its attractions and support the families that live and work in the community.

Because it is an event with a cause, visitors must bring, per person, one kilo of beans, rice, lima beans, lentils, sugar; liters of bottled water, blankets, or canned food, which will be delivered to the state DIF for the benefit of families affected by Hurricane Grace in the Sierra Norte of the state.


Photo: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Puebla

Costs and schedules of the Balloon Festival

The Balloon Festival “Puebla is in the air” will take place on October 2 and 3, 2021 at the Xtremo Parque recreational space, which is located at Calle 6 Sur 1406, Atlixco Aerodrome, 30 minutes from the Puebla capital. This park was chosen for its ample space to carry out activities.

Visita las maravillas del Pueblo Mágico Atlixco en Puebla

Despite the fact that the Xtremo park has a capacity of 12 thousand people, the allowed capacity will be 70%, due to the health contingency due to Covid-19. The authorities informed us that they will have all the security protocols.

The entrance to the aerodrome will be from 6:00 in the morning. The ticket per person will cost 165 pesos for one day. You can also purchase the two-day package for 276 pesos. In the purchase of four individual tickets, the fifth is free.

You can purchase your tickets at, where an extra commission fee will be charged.

It is important to say that you should consider other extra expenses during your stay at the festival, such as meals. You will not be allowed to enter the park facilities with any food or drink.


The Balloon Festival “Puebla is in the air” is part of a series of events that the state plans to favor the economy of the entity.

Don’t forget to bring your donations in kind to help families affected by the hurricane.

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