30 children hospitalized in Oaxaca with Covid


In Oaxaca, there are currently 50 children hospitalized for complications derived from the coronavirus, although their condition is reported stable in general, reported the Oaxaca State Secretary of Health, Juan Carlos Márquez Heine.  

He also reported that during the pandemic some 1,400 children have been infected and another 30 have died from coronavirus. However, Márquez Heine said that, despite these figures, Oaxaca has the lowest national and international fatality rate in cases of children infected by Covid.

He highlighted that the minors who died after contracting COVID-19 suffered complications because they suffered from other associated diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and leukemia. However, he pointed out that where there is a significant upturn is in the number of young people who have tested positive for the PCR test and, consequently, have been infected with the coronavirus.

“We are reporting a slight increase in the trend of young patients hospitalized because they contracted some of the risk variants of covid, such as Delta and Lambda, but this has not implied that the fatality rate or mortality increases,” said the health state secretary. In most of the cases of young people infected, we have observed that they achieve a speedy recovery , “which makes us see that the virus treats them benevolently,” said Márquez Heine.

Oaxaca State Secretary of Health, Juan Carlos Márquez Heine

Delta variant predominates in the third wave of covid in Oaxaca

The State Secretary of Health, Juan Carlos Márquez Heine, affirmed that the Delta variant of Covid-19 is the one that predominates in the third wave of the pandemic in Oaxaca, although a case of the Lambda variant, found in Peru, has already been identified in an Oaxacan patient.

In his global diagnosis, the official highlighted that in the last eight months the circulation of 13 variants of the coronavirus in Oaxaca has been identified. In most patients, the Delta variant has been found, while the only Lambda’s case was detected at a coastal area hospital.

Source: Milenio.com

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