Isla Mujeres streets are filled with garbage

With four trucks they collect daily; the transfer station, saturated

Every day trucks full of garbage leave the transfer area of ​​Isla Mujeres to take them to the inter-municipal sanitary landfill in the continental zone; However, this has not been enough to remove the nearly 10,000 tons that accumulated in the area, coupled with the problem on the streets, which are constantly littered with heaps of garbage.

Currently, in Isla Mujeres four trucks are working to collect garbage, each of 3.5 tons, suitable for the streets in the island, which daily cover the six routes in the municipality and each route leaves around three to four loads of garbage.

“For issues that I was not present at that time, they accumulated, the previous director was there, who was the general director here until April, he left all that garbage, he did not follow up, because a series of administrative documents must be made to take out the garbage… we take it out by means of trailers, we have been taking out from 13 to 14 newspapers ”, explained Pedro Canché Cardeña, general director of Public Services.

The official assured that the collection service is provided daily and that they have made progress in reducing waste in the transfer area; however, on a tour of the island, it was found that the streets look dirty. 

So far, according to the director, they have reduced the amount of waste by 30 percent, and it should be cleaned in its entirety, but he did not know how long it would take to empty the transfer station.

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“The six routes that are given daily are being covered, in the morning the beach route and the Cañotal route are covered, they are two routes; when the trucks enter, two others are covered; at night they leave at 6 in the afternoon, which is La Gloria, and at 9 the last route leaves, which is the one that provides night service ”, he explained.

He assured that the downtown area has to be covered with two routes, because there is a lot of waste that is generated, with restaurants and shops, that is why the beach route enters from 5 in the morning, to maintain all the clean area.

He insisted that it is an administrative process that must be followed to remove all the garbage from the transfer area, so they will continue to do so as the processes are carried out.

He assured that the flies and the smell are the problems that affect the surroundings, but he ruled out that there would be any greater environmental impact because they have a container to capture the leachate that is generated.


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