Tourists are unaware that Sinaloa is on a red covid traffic light


But they trust that nothing will happen to them because they are vaccinated and take preventive health measures

A citizen survey was carried out to tourists who were on the Mazatlan boardwalk to ask them if they had knowledge that Sinaloa is on a red traffic light, if they are not afraid to get infected and what are the measures they apply to take care of themselves.

Most said they did not know about this fact, as well as others did not have knowledge of it until they arrived in Mazatlán.

However, despite the fact that vaccines do not prevent infections, they said they felt safe not to get infected because they had already been vaccinated.

On the other hand, they emphasized that they take care of themselves when using the mask, respecting the healthy distance and using antibacterial gel or washing their hands.


The Mazatlan Post