Mexico, a country divided


Many politicians, analysts, journalists, and academics were quick to say, after the June 6 elections, that Mexico was one, that division was undesirable. True, it is undesirable, but it exists. Denying it with politically correct arguments, but based on wishful thinking more than in reality, does not solve the division is only a closing of the eyes before it.  

A fact that seems marginal, but it is not: after the elections, several memes circulated that showed Mexico City with a division between east and west. Some of those images compared it to Berlin, Germany, before the fall of the border wall, which occurred in 1989. Others spoke of the division being due to some paying taxes (west) and others receiving government programs with outstretched hands. (East).

It is no secret that many of these memes were made and celebrated by people who identified with anti-AMLO votes. It is true that jokes and a sense of humor are inherent to the human being, but behind them two old acquaintances of Mexican society can also hide: classism and racism.

When President López accuses his enemies, the middle class, euphemistically called adversaries, of being racists and classists, he is not mistaken. A good part of those who voted against Morena are. But unfortunately, these features are not exclusive to that side. There are also those who voted in favor of the president’s party. The height of this attitude has been shown by López Obrador himself, who has compared poor people to pets on at least two occasions. As a society, we have to work hard to eradicate or minimize these attitudes.

President López says that he did not invent the division. It’s also true, but he’s used it to his advantage and helped drive it to dangerous levels. He is not the only one responsible, but he is the main one. I have written here that the personal project of appropriating the greatest amount of power is equivalent to a coup in slow motion. I reaffirm it and add that promoting division is not only a characteristic of their way of governing but part of a strategy.

Mexico is not the only country where the division of society is high. A glance towards the north and the south shows that the North American, Peruvian, Venezuelan societies, etc., are also divided, going through more or less serious conflicts that endanger the possibility of peaceful settlements. However, where institutions resist and work adequately, these divisions can be lived.

The division of Mexican society is not geographic, but it has elements that are; It is not because of social class differences, but it has elements that are. Last week’s text noted that the June 6 vote was due to several factors, including political positions, sentiments, and offers. The opposition alliance largely channeled anti-AMLO sentiments, but without any specific offer. AMLO has many political offers that are, in reality, promises that really seem difficult to fulfill. But hope plays in politics, on one side and the other.

Many people who voted for Morena did so out of empathy with the president’s positions. But many voted in his favor with tight noses and wide eyes. They do not like many things that this government does or does not do, but they are less convinced by the opposition and what it represents. They do not forget the past, the First World discourses that ended in crisis, the privatizations that led to higher prices or poor services, and a long etcetera.

Opposition to López Obrador’s project is based above all on the president’s mistakes (which are many), his personal wear and tear, and his ignorance and simplicity. You can walk based on this, but you can’t go very far. The electoral unit is not a project; neither does the legislative unit. They are the only first steps to develop common projects of parties that are ideologically different.

These projects and common offers should be developed as far as possible. Also, grow credible leaderships. It is very probable that the oppositions have mistaken the method, perhaps they had to develop the common offers first and then walk in the alliances. It will be seen if the order of doing things will positively or negatively impact the results.

Ending or minimizing the risks of social divisions is not achieved with speeches or good wishes. Less with altruistic denials. First, you have to understand the reasons for these divisions and then propose solutions. The truth is that Mexico is a divided country, who knows how far.  


Mexico Daily Post