The best time to see the Strawberry Moon in Mexico


The Strawberry Moon is an astronomical phenomenon that will be seen in Mexico on June 24 and, in addition, it is the last supermoon of 2021.

It receives this name when it is in its Full Moon phase. The name derives from the Amerindian tradition that associated the rise of this Moon with the strawberry season in the North American region.

However, in other latitudes it is known by other names, as is the case in Europe, where it receives the name of Pink Moon, since it was the month when the gardens reached their maximum point and the rose bushes exploded in striking colors, offering a respite from the gray days of winter.

The best time to see the Strawberry Moon in Mexico

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As soon as sunset ends next Thursday, June 24, the supermoon will rise and reach its maximum illumination point at 1:40 a.m. , Mexico City time.

The Strawberry Moon in 2021 will be located at a geocentric distance of 361,536 kilometers from Earth. In addition to the phenomenon of June 24, the Moon will be accompanied by Mars and Saturn next Monday, June 21, so it would be another good night to look at the sky.

Fertility, madness or bad luck, these are some of the myths and superstitions about the moon

The moon has always been surrounded by superstitions, myths and legends. Some with a certain sense and others totally crazy and disassembled by science.

Even so, the only satellite of the earth continues to arouse the curiosity and fascination of almost everyone and the myths about it and its effects do not stop growing. 

Fertility, madness or bad luck, these are some of the myths and superstitions around the moon

Few things create as much fascination and attraction as the moon.  They have composed songs for him and written poems. Some adore it and others fear it … There are thousands of legends, myths, and superstitions surrounding the terrestrial satellite. Sacrifices, covens, werewolves … Most arose decades ago and have been passed down from generation to generation. Science has shown that they are not true, but not many are still curious. Fertility

Belief: The moon increases fertility.

Science: It has never been scientifically proven, quite the contrary. Doctors from the Castilla La Mancha hospital compared the birth data with the lunar phases and ruled out any type of relationship or influence. 

Another myth about the moon and pregnancy is that pregnant women cannot be exposed to an eclipse, as the baby is born with spots. It has also been scientifically proven not to be true.

Most of the causes of spots in babies are genetic or congenital, due to different types of diseases such as vitiligo. Some moles are native to birth that have nothing to do with lunar eclipses or exposure to moonlight. 

Ancient tribes claim that children conceived when the moon is full will be stronger , prettier, and more talented than children conceived at other times. Scientists do not agree on this either. Life cycle

Some believe that the full moon alters us, even that on those nights there are more crimes, in what has been called the Transylvania effect. However, this is something that science has not been able to verify.

But it is true that many animals become more active , sonorous and fertile when the full moon shines. Tropical corals, for example, synchronize their reproductive cycle and on a full moon night they all spawn at once.

The species Diploria strigosa, known as brain coral, is another example. Every 29 days, with the full moon, the corals generate a new bone layer on top of the previous one and this growth is dictated by the monthly orbit of the Moon.

Belief: Cutting your hair and nails when the Moon is in the waxing phase causes them to grow one and a half centimeters per month.

Science: The influence of the Moon is not proven on hair and nail growth. Only by taking collagen supplements is it possible to increase the growth of hair, nails and even an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Belief:  The tubers develop more the root if they are sown in the last quarter. Prune diseased trees in a crescent. Fertilize in last quarter. Sowing in a growing quarter guarantees juicy and leafy plants. 

Science: The Moon has some influence on plants because they are living beings , but that is a myth. It is not scientifically proven according to various studies by agricultural engineers.

Another belief is that cucumbers, radishes, turnips, leeks, lilies, horseradish, saffron, and other plants increase during the waxing moon; but the onions, on the contrary, are much larger and are better nourished in the waning moon. It has also not been scientifically proven. 

These are just some of the most widespread myths related to the moon, but there are many more riddled with superstitions. It is enough to browse the Internet to find a multitude of claims about the moon.

Some may have a certain logic and are based on ancient traditions, customs and beliefs, but others are mere nonsense and tricks without any logic.  The full moon is good for starting new businesses and ending old ones. The moon seen over the right shoulder brings good luck, seen from the opposite, it brings bad luck. Being without money in the presence of a new moon was considered bad luck. Having a few silver coins nullified this. The full moon provides very favorable energy for divination, if you keep a moonstone in your mouth during the full moon night, you will have the power to see what awaits you in the future.

People sick people should not look at the full moon, as this delays their healing. Most deaths occur when the tide is going out, and births occur when the tide is rising. When seeing a new moon, turn a silver coin and can make a wish Aiming for the moon is bad luck. Whoever circles an apron three times in front of the new moon is lucky all month. Whoever sews a dress in the light of the moon sews his shroud. The business that is closed during a lunar eclipse will be accompanied by misfortune and misfortune. Who gets married in Crescent Moon phase he will be happy and will become rich. Whoever marries on the Full Moon in June will enjoy eternal happiness. Whoever puts his hand in his pocket on the first day of spring with the New Moon of the New Year, closes his eyes and places the upper face of the coin down, will enjoy of happiness and well-being throughout the year. He will never lack money who turns his pockets inside out so that all the money falls out and lets the rays of the Crescent Moon illuminate him. If a woman wants to have a child, she must wear pearls. Well, pearls are the tears of the Moon.

Nonsensical, non-substantiated assertions that almost no one believes anymore, but still have persisted for years in the collective heritage. But what few doubt is the beauty of this satellite that so much affects life on earth. 


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