Yucatan and the Israeli embassy sign letter of cooperation

The agreement seeks to expand cooperation and exchange in various fields

The attraction of new investments, information technologies, research, agriculture, smart territories, public security, and international cooperation for development, are some of the fields that will be explored through a letter of intent signed by the government of Yucatan and the Embassy of the State of Israel.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the Israeli ambassador to Mexico, Zvi Itzhak Tal, who had virtual participation, signed said letter of intent to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between both demarcations on issues such as pollution and water quality, entrepreneurship, aquaculture. sustainable and higher education.

In the letter of intent signed this day, it is established that both parties must enable institutional communication channels to facilitate the possibilities of exchange and mutual cooperation on the aforementioned issues.

Photo: State Government

At the event, where the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel in Mexico, Nadav D. Goren, and the Attaché for Commercial Affairs, Lior M. Yafe, Vila Dosal thanked the Embassy of the nation of Middle East and assured that Yucatán has many capacities that could expand and strengthen the bilateral relationship with the entity.

Finally, he invited the Israeli representatives to learn about the attractions that Yucatan offers its visitors, such as its archaeological sites, cenotes and farms.

Photo: State Government

Zvi Itzhak Tal confirmed to Yucatán his interest in continuing and expanding the relations that the country and the state have maintained.

The Undersecretary of Investment, Economic Development, and Financing of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor of the State of Yucatán (Sefoet), Gerardo Díaz de Zavala, presented to the representatives of the Middle Eastern nation the competitive advantages that place Yucatán as a place ideal for investing.

It should be noted that Yucatán and the Israeli Embassy have carried out joint works developed in areas such as politics, agriculture, and security, so this letter of intent comes to endorse the friendship between the two.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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