Joe Biden expels more Mexicans than the Trump administration


From January to May it returned to 84,826, despite a promise to change policies

The deportation of Mexicans from the United States is on the rise. Despite the position of the government of President Joe Biden regarding irregular migration, which means avoiding the restrictive policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, last April 22,201 nationals were repatriated, a figure even higher than the pre-pandemic stage. In May, the Mexican authorities reported 21,485 national repatriation events.

Meanwhile, data from agencies in the neighboring country, related to the control of customs and transit of people, show an increase in the border flow that in the United States is classified as illegal.

El gobierno de Estados Unidos expulsa a México a niños migrantes de otros  países

According to a report by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the detection of people without documents grew 7.6 percent in May 2021, compared to the previous month.

In the most recent statistical fiscal cut -which in the case of Washington covers from October 2020 to May 2021-, there were 414,330 people in an irregular situation, adults and minors of all nationalities, although the majority presence of Mexicans is known. It is not specified if they were sent to their countries, detained, or asylees.

For example, the Border Patrol reported 362,682 adults and 16,419 minors, in the same period.

According to the Office of Field Operations and the Border Patrol, last May the highest figure of the reference period was presented, with 70,630 records, against 65,663 in April, 62,576 in March, and 44,275 in February. .


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