Half the bars in Los Cabos are on the brink of bankruptcy


Robbin Hernández, president of the Association of Professionals and Business Leaders of Los Cabos, explained that the situation for the 150 clubs and bars that have approached the Association is very complicated, between the obligation to sell food in bars, having limited hours to operate and the problem of the capacity allowed for small establishments, are actions that prevent generating sufficient income to survive, not counting the tables dances and casinos that have been closed for more than a year and 25% of these places are about to break.

He asserted that establishments dedicated to exotic dances and casinos have been the hardest hit by this pandemic, with around 75 businesses in Los Cabos.

“Entrepreneurs will have to define at this time what they are going to do, that is, if they are going to continue or withdraw the investment, many of them have been able to solve and endure the crisis, since they have other businesses in the country. Has kept”.

As for the small bars, he said that they are the ones that suffer the most, of which 50% are at risk of closing.

“There are places that have a normal capacity for 25 people, however, now with the health provision, the number of people who enter is 8, the same who drink 2 or 3 beers, so the operating expense is not profitable.”

He said that Los Cabos businessmen have approached the authorities to find a way to modify the provisions established by the State Health Safety Council so that bars extend their hours and table dances can open, of course with strict sanitary control. . To conclude, he said that the bars with restaurant fusion have discovered that thanks to the local people they have been able to go out to date, so they feel respect towards them.

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“The businessmen did not know that type of market and now they respect it, without a doubt this will define a new position of the businessmen of the tourist area to the case”.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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