Urgent need to restore San Cristobal de las Casas historical buildings


San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Architect Jorge Alberto Ruiz Cacho, called on the municipal and state authorities to intervene to speed up the reconstruction of the temples and monuments that are tourist attractions, to rehabilitate this sector that benefits many in San Cristóbal.

“The problem of the pandemic has generated a bit of conflict with tourism, these temples are the main elements of relevant architecture that give importance to the history of San Cristóbal. It is necessary to see that the municipal and state government can re-offend so that these works are completed as soon as possible and that the San Cristobal population knows in what status this rehabilitation remains that it has after 2017, “he said.

In an interview, he regretted that they had not paid attention to him, “because they announced at the time the resource for the rehabilitation of these temples that suffered damages in 2017 and it is four years in a very slow process and that with this situation we are living in Mexico a general level”.

What is complicated about the work, he said, is the type of finish that the period and the INAH guidelines have to do with it; “Unfortunately there are interventions that are not reviewed, the restoration process must be made by the architect of the company so that it is in accordance with its typological process.”

Among the details that he has noted, he stressed, is that they have added concrete in the restoration of the temple of Santa Lucía, and in the old municipal palace that must be revised because it was very exposed to fractures. Ruiz Cacho said that it should be verified which and how are the items of the spaces but how urgent it is that the temples will already be opened.

Source: elheraldodechiapas.com.mx

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