Gasoline arrives in Mexico that promises up to 42 kilometers more for each tank


Gasoline arrives in Mexico that promises up to 42 kilometers more for each tank

A few days ago, the BP company announced the arrival of its new fuel in Mexico. Under the name Ultimate with Active technology, this new option promises, among other things, to provide an improvement in fuel efficiency for any car. 

Ideally, this new fuel from BP could help clean impurities from the engine and injectors, which translates into a “smoother” operation and therefore less stress on the block. This means that, to reduce the amount of effort the engine, optimize the fuel consumption by up to 42 kilometers per tank

BP’s Ultimate Fuel Active Technology can be used in any car regardless of make or model. However, it is recommended that before using this fuel, we allow the tank to almost empty so that gasoline is not mixed in the process. 

Paul Augé, vice president of BP in Mexico, clarified some of the doubts that were generated during the launch of this new product. 


“Despite the pandemic, for more than a year and a half, we began the process to bring this new supply of fuels to Mexico. It was not an easy process, but the entire BP team was 100% dedicated to making this happen. It was a challenge, but it fills us with pride, ”commented the executive. 

“The most difficult part of bringing fuel to Mexico where the tests we carried out to guarantee this benefit that we promise. Similarly, adapting 500 gas stations in times of pandemic is another challenge, but it has been achieved and is now available in all our points of sale. 

Finally, Paul Augé stated that it is not necessary to make any modifications to the vehicle for its use. “It is a very interesting point, it can be used in any car and the consumer will notice benefits from the first day of use. The 42 more kilometers for each tank will come with the continued use of BP Ultimate with Active technology, ”he concluded. 



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