Puerto Vallarta hotel reservations for Easter (Semana Santa) exceed 45%


The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels of Puerto Vallarta, Alvaro Garciarce Monraz reported for the period of Easter and Passover holidays, the percentage of reservation in hotels is above 45%, so it is likely to that 66% is reached, which is the limit allowed by the Government of Jalisco.

“We definitely already have reservations, which we are very happy to do, and let’s wait for them to continue, because if everything remains the same, that is, complying with health protocols, we will undoubtedly be at 66%, right now we are over 45% of the reservations, There are still rooms available since many are reserving at the last minute, but it is not a phenomenon that occurs due to the pandemic but has been like this every year, but the sooner they book, the better promotions they will find ”. 

Regarding the issue of restrictions for this holiday period, which includes the limitation on beach hours, the hotelier pointed out that they are managing to be more flexible with them on the beach issue since they have concessioned certain spaces and thus be able to use them as a public recreation area within the hotel and thus not saturate the common areas. 

Therefore, they will be waiting for authorization and if it is denied, they will continue with what is established and comply with the protocols since health is the most important thing for both guests and workers. 


It is worth mentioning the Government of the State of Jalisco announced that for Easter, the beaches in Puerto Vallarta will operate from five in the morning until five in the afternoon, restaurants and bars will close at 11 at night and the capacity for the hotels will remain at 66%.

Likewise, COVID tests will be increased at strategic points. The municipalities must ensure the restrictions of activities that generate agglomerations, avoiding giving permits for them. 

Highway filters will be reinforced at airports and bus stations, and there will be a promotional campaign for the importance of the use of face masks.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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