Mexico gasoline prices March 23, magna sells for more than $ 22 and premium for almost $ 25


On Monday morning at the morning conference from the National Palace, the head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), Surit Berenice Romero, announced the maximum and minimum fuel prices. 

At the end of the previous week, gasoline magna reached a maximum price of $ 22.19 per liter in the Chevron and Arco brands. While the cheapest is $ 18.49 for the G500 brand. 

In premium gasoline, a new maximum of $ 24.99 per liter for the Soriana brand and $ 24.65 for the Pemex brand was registered, a historical level of almost twenty-five pesos. The cheapest is $ 19.45 from the Arco brand. 

For diesel, the highest price is $ 23.69 for the Pemex brand, the lowest price is $ 19.93 pesos per liter for the G500 brand. 

Profeco indicated that the Redco and Chevron brands are among the most expensive in the entire country. 

While the cheapest brands are Orsan and G500. 

The official indicated that the price of the Mexican mixture remains on the rise at the level of 59.55 dollars per barrel. 

It is important to rule out that fuel prices are on the rise, despite the support for the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) allocated by the Ministry of Finance. 

It should be noted that this could affect the pocketbook of all Mexicans, since gasoline is a staple product. 


Mexico Daily Post