Señal paises en playa con mar caribe en Cozumel México

1: Visit Chankanaab National Park 

Chankanaab is one of the main attractions of Cozumel, it is an adventure park located within the Arrecifes Cozumel National Park. This site is perfect to enjoy the nature of the region and do eco-tourism since in it you will find a natural lagoon, a botanical garden as well as different activities such as the sea lion show, crocodile and manatee exhibition, Snuba and Seatrek tours. , swim with dolphins, spa, tequila experience, temazcal, zip line and much more. 

  2: Practice Kitesurf

Continuing with sports, kitesurfing or kitesurfing is a sporting activity in which a traction kite holds you and at the same time you can surf, the combination of the wind with the sea will make you live a very fun experience. 

  3: Dive 

If you are already more experienced or it is the first time you do this activity, you will find that this island is also the perfect place to practice diving and it is one of the favorite activities of many tourists since you will be able to observe the incredible marine life in greater detail. 

4: El Palomar Restaurant 

This site is located in a house and is considered Cultural Heritage so you can not only enjoy the architecture but also a delicious food, a drink and even the art exhibitions that are held. 

 5: Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium 

The name of this planetarium means “enjoy the sky” and in it you can have a scientific and technological approach to observe the universe and also for the conservation of natural spaces. 

  6: Archaeological zone of San Gervasio 

This area is made up of six architectural ensembles and other isolated temples in which you can learn a little about pre-Hispanic history and the way in which economic and administrative activities were developed.

  7: Pearl Farm

This project has been part of the island of Cozumel for more than 30 years, so you will be able to know the process to cultivate oysters that form pearls and acquire some of the pieces that are made with them. 

  8: Celarain Lighthouse 

With an altitude of 33.3 meters, this lighthouse is the perfect place to admire the beauty of the island, observe the Caribbean, the Colombia lagoon system and the immense jungle, giving us a unique postcard. 

  9: South Point 

In this site you will find an ecological park and beach where you can enjoy the architecture of the ancient settlers, get to know the flora and fauna of the region and even carry out activities such as snorkeling. 

  10: “El Cielo” Beach 

This beach with crystalline waters and white sand will amaze those who visit it since you can snorkel and observe a large number of starfish.

  11: Island of Passion 

This island to the north of Cozumel has an extension of 2 kilometers and you can travel it in approximately three hours, it is the perfect place to take a getaway and enjoy the crystal clear waters and the sun. 

  12: Snorkel 

Dive in and observe the spectacular coral reefs at a very shallow depth since snorkeling is done with a diving mask that allows you to breathe underwater in a safe, comfortable way with the option of using or not using fins

Cozumel is one of the best places to enjoy this activity since you will find a large number of reefs with impressive views.

  13: Take a boat, boat or speedboat ride

Cozumel is the perfect place to get to know the natural areas of the island in one of these transports since they will allow you to move quickly and observe the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.  

  14: Arrecifes National Park 

This park is considered part of the coral reef barrier which is called the “Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt” or “Great Mayan Reef” and constitutes an important part for conservation, education, dissemination and monitoring activities. 

  15: The Mayan Cacao Company 

This interactive site allows you to know and explore the history behind one of the most popular foods in the world, of course we are talking about chocolate. 

  16: Museum of the Island of Cozumel 

This site presents artistic and cultural activities and exhibitions that will allow you, through its rooms, to learn about the history of the island of Cozumel and everything that takes place there. 

  17: Sanctuary of Ixchel 

In Cozumel you will find a site dedicated to the goddess of love and fertility, so there is no doubt that when you visit the island you will discover a perfect environment to enjoy with your partner.

  18: El Cedral 

This site is a small but cozy town on the island where you can enjoy and admire the passage of time as you find both Mayan and Spanish sites, making it a stop on the itinerary. 

  19: Visit the Central Plaza 

In this site you will find the perfect place to go for a walk, enjoy the restaurants in the area and admire the architecture of the buildings that you will find in the surroundings. 

  20: Tour the reefs 

Although in Cozumel there are some protected areas, you will also be able to find others where access is allowed and will give you the opportunity to admire the great amount of riches that are in the coral reefs, so you cannot miss the experience of knowing them from close. 

Now that you know all the activities you can do in Cozumel, make your itinerary so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest on this beautiful island. 

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