In Sinaloa, 99% of crimes go unpunished


The investigation “Findings. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Criminal Justice System ”places the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office in the last place in the resolution of reported crimes

Mexico.- The figure is chilling. In Sinaloa, out of every 100 crimes reported, 99 are not resolved and remain in impunity, according to the investigation “Findings. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Criminal Justice System ” carried out by México Evalúa.

This rate of impunity, in which the State Attorney General’s Office only resolves one in every 100 cases, places Sinaloa in last place at the national level in the resolution of crimes.

The first place in this statistic is Baja California, with an impunity rate of 67.1 percent, which means that the prosecutor’s office in that state solves one in three cases.

The national impunity rate in 2018 was 94.6 percent and 92.4 percent last year.

“The absence of persecution policies implies that the institutions are saturated with minor crimes and do not respond, neither to these, nor to those with the greatest impact,” the study warns.

In an interview for Reforma, Chrístel Rosales , a researcher for the Mexico Evalúa Justice Program, affirmed that the process of transforming the attorney general’s offices into prosecutor’s offices is still incipient, so there are not many results.

“In one or two years, more than 91 percent of the attorney general’s offices nominally became prosecutors; when reviewing their management models, the way they carry out the prosecution of crimes and their effectiveness, not many changes are identified, “he said.

In this research, México Evalúa concluded that in the national experience there is no clear relationship between the ability to resolve the workload and the degree of autonomy in the prosecutor’s offices.


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