High costs of land in Quintana Roo holds back investment


The high price of land in Quintana Roo, especially in the northern area, slows down investments for national businessmen, said the president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), Isaac Reza Martínez.

He commented that on several occasions they have made presentations to motivate the members of the chamber to develop their projects in Quintana Roo, especially those of the northern states of the country, as they are the most industrialized.

However, he assured that, although they have expressed interest, they have also commented that one of the great obstacles they face in making investments is the high price of the land. “Like all of us, we know that the backbone of the State’s economy is tourism, especially here, in the northern zone and, therefore, people prefer to sell their land to build tourism projects or rooms that are more profitable than building an industrial ship.

That has been one of our weak points ”, he explained. I think we are going to have to turn to the center and south of the State to invite these people to come to invest in these other areas of the State and not necessarily in the north, “he said.

The business leader pointed out that, unfortunately, the state government no longer has any more land to sell, that is why most of the properties, being owned by individuals, are sold extremely expensive, even in dollars.

“I am sure that, if the government had land, if we were to seek the conditions, incentives, and everything that could be given, of course, the government would be offering all its support since this is to detonate and strengthen the economy local, ”he said.

Source: palconiticias

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