Orizaba does not reduce cases and reaches 2,545 Covid-19 infections


The municipalities that head the transmission and sick list are in the center of the entity

Xalapa, Veracruz.- The State Secretary of Health reported on December 27 that 6,200 patients have died from Covid-19 while the state accumulates 42,377 confirmed patients , considering 340 of those cases as current.

The head of the Epidemiological Surveillance program Sofía Magdalena Flores Martínez said that at the national level there have already been one million 377 thousand 217 positive cases for Covid-19, while in the state there are already 84 thousand 738 cases studied, of these 31 thousand 350 have been negative and 11,011 are considered suspicious.

And unfortunately 6,200 patients have died, I comment that there are already 42 thousand 377 confirmed patients to Covid-19 considering 340 current, remember that these patients have their active disease and can infect other people favoring the spread of the virus if not the necessary precautionary measures are taken , ”he said.

Among the municipalities that head the list of transmission and patients are in the center the port of Veracruz with 9,079 cases; Xalapa 2,749; Orizaba 2 thousand 545; Córdoba 2 thousand 386; Boca del Río mil 053, Río Blanco 730 .

In the south Coatzacoalcos with 2 thousand 452 cases; Minatitlán thousand 275; Cosamaloapan 847; Cosoleacaque 458; San Andrés Tuxtla 437; Tres Valles 234; Las Choapas 216; Nanchital 200, Acayucan 178 and Agua Dulce 177.

In the north , Poza Rica with 2,489 cases, Tuxpan 1,305; Panuco 635; Martínez de la Torre 533; Papantla 527; Coatzintla 371 and Tihuatlán 307.

“As you can see, according to the information that is recorded and analyzed daily, positive cases for Covid-19 continue to appear and in some places with some increase. Remember that population movements within localities or from one municipality to another definitely favor the persistence and spread of the disease, so it is better to stay at home ”, he added.

Source: elsoldecordoba.com.mx

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