Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Baja California in approximately 5 days


According to the Secretary of Health, by January 15, Baja California’s frontline health personnel will be vaccinated

As the Secretary of Health Alonso Pérez Rico had already mentioned, the strongest of the COVID-19 pandemic in Baja California is expected to decrease until January 15, 2021.

“The thick, the dark in Baja California is going to break on January 15. From January 15 onwards, the decline of this winter season begins. That statistically is what has happened in the last 10 years, this is what we believe will happen right now, and if you help us reduce mobility, this is what will happen, ”said Pérez Rico.

According to the Secretary, the Pfizer vaccine will arrive in the state in approximately 7 days, and although the ultra-cold network is not available, the vaccine will reach the point of application.

“They will arrive in a type of cooler, the vaccines will be there and they will tell them with the list of front-line workers: so-and-so, so-and-so. One hundred people, one hundred vaccines, here they are, apply them right now, ”explained Pérez Rico. It is expected that as of Monday, staff will begin to be trained for the application of this vaccine since they have to know how to reconstitute it “so that it does not spoil.”

In addition, he assured that before January 15, one hundred percent of the first-line health personnel, both from public and private hospitals (but first those of public health), will be vaccinated and after this date, the vaccine will be applied to older adults over 80 years old.

Regarding the vaccines of the CanSino Bio and AstraZeneca pharmaceutical companies, it is expected that they will be applied by March-April 2021. The Secretary of Health stressed that despite being vaccinated, they must continue to take care of themselves since in addition to “taking 28 days antibodies ”, it will take at least six months to achieve herd immunity.


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