They are the states with the highest positive percentage variation in job recovery

Quintana Roo generated 8,268 new jobs during November, placing it as the fourth entity with the most jobs created last month, only behind Mexico City, Jalisco and Nuevo León, according to IMSS records .

However, it stands out as the state with the highest positive percentage change in the recovery of jobs, with 2.29% more in relation to October.

Con un 7.5% de crecimiento anual, Quintana Roo

This positive trend in the process of economic-labor reactivation was already reflected since August.

The state Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Catalina Portilla , anticipated in recent days that the state was progressing gradually in the recovery of job sources, because while 1,867 jobs were recovered in September, in October the figure rose to 3 thousand 610 .

In sum, from August to November, 13,685 jobs have been reactivated.

The new jobs are related to the reactivation of the tourism and construction sectors.

Although the Caribbean region shows signs of rapid recovery, stability will not occur immediately, as it was also one of the most affected areas of the country, with a balance of 93 thousand formal jobs lost.

The second place

Another state that is making systematic progress in labor matters is Oaxaca , which was placed in second place in the nation in the highest percentage of formal employment generation, with 1.8%.

In a month, 3 thousand 827 jobs were generated , only behind Quintana Roo, which registered 2.29% in growth, according to IMSS data, from October to November of this year.

The reported figures indicated that Oaxaca remains on an upward trend also for the fourth month, since since August of this year more than 8 thousand formal jobs have been recovered, as a result of the impulse that the Government led by Alejandro Murat Hinojosa has made through of strengthening actions for micro, small and medium-sized companies, was detailed in a statement.

Thus, Oaxaca becomes the fourth entity with the highest recovery of formal jobs from August to November, after Baja California Sur (7.7%), Sinaloa (6.8%) and Tabasco (4.4%).

Construcción, el sector con mejores resultados en generación de empleos

Five major monthly job changes in Mexico

Quintana Roo2.29%
Baja California Sur1.42%

“The Pact of Unity for Quintana Roo for the protection of employment, signed by the business sectors, workers and the State Government, was a joint effort”

Catalina Portilla Navarro

Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare in Quintana Roo

Source: 24-horas.mx

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