San Miguel de Allende opens the Pipila underpass

  • With the uneven bridge ‘El Pípila’ the mobility of 53 thousand vehicles will be streamlined for the exit to Celaya.
  • In Guanajuato, we are here to do things well, of quality and worthy of all: Diego Sinhue.
  • The Federation recognizes Guanajuato as the best Health System in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende, Gto. December 1, 2020.- The Governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, inaugurated the ‘El Pípila’ uneven bridge in San Miguel de Allende, which will speed up vehicular mobility through the southern access of the city.

“Today is a historic day because we are delivering a quality work, first world. A work that you deserve and that was paid for with your tax and all of us who pay payroll taxes. This work is an icon in time, quality and beauty ”, said the Governor.

el pipila

326 million pesos were invested in the construction of this overpass and almost 200 direct jobs and more than 600 indirect jobs were generated for its construction.

This work is part of the package of strategic works announced in 2019 by the Consultative Council for the Monitoring and Application of the Payroll and Identification Tax (COSAINCEG).

The work began on November 30, 2019 and was inaugurated today. It is 521 meters long, it will speed up the traffic of more than 53 thousand vehicles per day, it will relieve the exit to Celaya and the entrance to San Miguel de Allende, through the José Manuel Zavala bypass.

“We put the batteries in eleven months after starting, this work is already being delivered. We have been very responsible with finances; This work was paid with the payroll tax and it is an answer for when citizens ask where their taxes go, ”explained the Executive.

He endorsed that road development will continue in the Municipality with the construction of the bridge to La Cieneguita, which would be the access to the city through the former railway station.

He also said that the executive project for the construction of ‘Bulevar La Libertad’ that will connect Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende is already in process: it will be a 32-kilometer work, with an investment of approximately 2 billion pesos. It will have a bicycle lane, pedestrian bridges, vehicle entrances and exits, bus stops and it will be fully illuminated.

“I give you my word that it will be done, and we are only waiting for the executive project to start the work that will be important for San Miguel and Dolores, because the success of these municipalities must be shared with other cities,” he said.

Guanajuato Governor

Taxes are from Guanajuato

With the intention of the taxes remaining in Guanajuato to continue doing quality works, the Governor asked Deputy Katia Cristina Soto Escamilla, the follow-up so that the State Congress authorizes the Executive’s proposal on the increase of .7% the Nominal Tax and close it at 3%, and that it comes into force in 2022.

“We do not want to raise taxes, we want them to stay in Guanajuato, we want them not to go to the Federation’s blender, because they do not return anything,” said the Governor and recalled that this tax can be deducted from the Income Tax.

The best Health System in Mexico

Yesterday the Federal Health Secretariat recognized Guanajuato for having the best Health System in this country, because in Guanajuato the performance of its human capital, material resources, infrastructure and the reduction of the fatality rate when treating COVID patients stands out said the Governor.

He recognized the work of the medical and administrative staff, and said that Guanajuato has a thousand more people working for the health of the population, in addition, hospitals were converted and little by little work bases are granted to the personnel.

“I was not wrong in making the decision not to hand over the Health System to INSABI because I know of the capacity of Guanajuato. It is a privilege to have the best Health System, and in the quality of care, Guanajuato is in the first national place ”, concluded the State Executive.

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