The Cholo community demands justice for the murder of “Karamelo” in Zacatecas


Carmen “Karamelo” Vázquez Bueno, an iconic woman in the world of chicano, cholero and lowrider culture, was shot to death on Thursday, September 24th, in the municipality of Guadalupe, Zacatecas.

Zacatecas, Zac.- The murder of Carmen Vázquez Bueno , better known as “Karamelo” in the cholero world and of the “lowrider” culture, shocked not only Zacatecas , but also at the national level, since she was highly appreciated and identified as a veteran leader Chola who distinguished herself by her multiple tattoos all over her body and by her constant fight against drug use and gang violence.

According to security reports, she was shot to death on Thursday near her home, in a neighborhood in the municipality of Guadalupe. Among other versions that her relatives have said on social networks, that “Karamelo” was a woman of peace always trying to help the members of the Chola community, but apparently she had a conflict with some strangers, fact is that armed people arrived at her place and fired directly at her.

In all criminal cases, where the victim is a woman, it is established that the ministerial authorities must open the investigation file under the feminicide protocol, however, this Monday, personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office informed EL UNIVERSAL that the investigation into this death is currently being carried out for the crime of intentional homicide, because “until now, there is no information that allows to prove any of the gender circumstances required by the feminicide criminal offense.”

RIP Carmen “Karamelo” Vázquez Bueno

The news of his death and his funerals flooded the social networks with expressions of support, not only from his neighborhood and from the members of the Old School Car Club to which he belonged. Many cholo and chola clubs throughout the country who knew and identified her as an iconic woman of this urban culture, also expressed their anger and made the tragic news viral through their organizations social networks, describing the murder as femicide.

Her wake was held at a home in the Bella Vista neighborhood in the municipality of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, and collections had to be made to cover the expenses of the funerals, where many people attended, most of them wearing cholo clothes and say good-bye to Karamelo listening to the music that she liked, between tears, pain and anger.

RIP Carmen “Karamelo” Vázquez Bueno

There will be an online tribute to Karamelo on October 2.

Finally, the main state and national feminist collectives have also joined this demand, many of them have announced and summoned to join in and demand justice for Carmen “Karamelo.”

Source: El Universal

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