First edition of online Colima Fair will last 10 days and all citizens will be able to participate


Colima, Col.- The All Saints Fair Colima 2020 will be held totally online for the first time. It will last 10 days, two weekends, and will have a website where any user (anywhere in the world), will be able to participate in this Virtual Fair.

Mariano Gutiérrez, general director of Economic Development of the state of Colima, and responsible for the operation of the Online Fair system, reported that there is a dynamic online agenda from 7 to 10 at night, every day.

“This program has three aspects on the agenda: it is commercial and trade promotion, which is built by Iffecol; a cultural agenda of tradition and diffusion, promoted by ICRTV; and an agenda for the promotion and economic development of Sefome.

In this way, the Online Fair has three agendas, integrated into a web page in which there will be a static part with programs, history and dance events.

Todos Santos Colima Fair 2018 (Photo: Manzanillo News)

While the dynamic online part will be business chambers, the Secretariat of Tourism and Rural Development, to promote the economic development agendas of the state government.

For his part, the head of Economic Development, Walter Oldenbourg Ochoa, explained that business chambers can now approach dependency to promote economic development.

“In the same scheme, regardless of the digital fair, Mercado Libre manages a space of the state government for producers and sellers from the state of Colima, so they can advertise and sell their products via this platform as well.”

Oldenbourg Ochoa concluded that companies can now approach the agency and next week they will give clear guidelines on how it will operate, to make it known to the public opinion.

Source: Colima Noticias

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