There are 5,000 books needed for Nayarit children to study with dignity


The start of classes in the state of Nayarit has been difficult for boys and girls who have begun to work in inequality due to the lack of books to study at the same time in online classes. 

This deficit was reflected in the terrible television signal and the lack of at least 5,000 textbooks that did not reach the hands of the students.   

The deputy Ismael Duñals said that this problem was made known to the secretary of education in the state, but until now a definitive solution has been seen.   

He said that this is a matter in which we must see what is happening and what must be done so that the congress gives continuity to this issue as necessary as education is.

He said that with the situation that the pandemic is living with, that if it continues like this, this issue of education will be extremely important.   

I point out that it will be necessary to issue an appeal for the issue of education to be considered in the next budget.

He stressed that if things do not change on the issue of the pandemic, the children will surely continue doing their virtual classes without returning to the classrooms on campus.  

 While this happens, they have to look for the tools or the minimum necessary so that they receive them and have access to an education as established by the constitution.  

He said that like all those who belong to any government institution or popular representative are required by law so that they can be granted what is necessary for children to study without problems.


The Nayarit Post